AMD 7670M Problem? Please help

Hey guys !

I have purchased a HP ENVY 6 ultrabook with Intel I5 3317U Processor and AMD 7670m Dedicated graphics card. Switchable graphics actually is working corretly but i recently bumped into some trouble. I was playing some games when i noticed it reallyyy was hot at the spot of the Graphics "card" so searched for a software to monitor. Found GPU-Z . Perfect so i installed it and when i switched from Intel HD 4000 to the AMD 7670M it displayed that it has 40000 mb memory (thats funny yea maybe HPs driver is poorly done) But the PROBLEM is that i noticed that only 280 unified shaders are activated in this dedicated GPU ... On AMD s site they wrote that this "card" has 400 unified shader units. Reading malfunction or the driver or the D. G. is giving up ? Games like Prototype 1 , Battlefield 3 , Metro 2033 all work really well. BF 3 - medium 30 fps , Metro 2033 - High 23 fps , Prototype maxed 30+ fps. So whats the problem ?

Please help.
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  1. Dude i am planning to buy the same lappy... How is the battery life during normal use and during gaming, and how does it handle modern games, doe is really get hot during gaming????

    Thank you buddy....
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