GT 650M enough for me? Or suggest other GPU.


I'm currently playing these games and want them to run with at least the following settings (the CPU is going to be an i7-3610QM):

BF3 (medium)
Sims 2 & 3 (medium)
Spore (high)
CoD MW3 (medium or high)
Battlefield BC2 (medium)
GTA IV & EFLC (medium)
GTA SA & VC (high)

Is this setup enough for that? Oh and I don't like the GTX 670M because it throttles on battery and is just an overclocked GTX 570M (old architecture). Or should I be looking to something more powerfull than the 650M?

Thanks in advance!
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More about 650m suggest
  1. It will be enough but I dont really recommend laptops for gaming
  2. The CPU is overkill for the gpu.
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