Wondering if i have imcompatible hardware

I had some old pieces and i decide assemble a pc, so i have a

Mainboard Intel DP965LT
CPU: Intel core 2 duo 6300@1.8Ghz
Graphic Card: Nvidia 8600GT memory 1024
MemoryRam : 4gb ddr2

i install all of them and seems to work normal, but i feel it is like slowww, is the Graphic card too High? for the mainboard or cpu?
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  1. have u tried defragging the hard-drive and running scandisk. updating all drivers to recent. and run ccleaner?
  2. Yes, about driver it detect them automatic i have windows 8, i try another video card, nvidia 7100GS,and it runs normal, but when i put the 8600 it it slowwwww, 0 fragmented disk, i was wondering if i need reinstall the SO or is just my cpu or mainboard are not compatible with graphic card :/
  3. u got slow specs tbh.

    dont expect stellar performance.
  4. i mean, using 7100gs runs smother than using the 8600gt, my basic question is, is runing slow, or abnormal, bcuz the cpu and maiboard are not compatible? or inferior to support the 8600 GT, or i need just reinstall SO?
  5. theyre compatibe. 8600gt pwns a 7100gs.

    try reinstalling os first than comeback
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