Can I connect 4-pin ATX to a molex PCIe card?

I'm trying to connect this:

To this:

The PCIe card has a 4-pin molex connector.

However, I have no 6-Pin PCI Express 4-pin molex cables handy. I do, however have a 4 pin ATX to 4 pin molex power cable. Can I still use the ATX cable to connect my PCIe Firewire card to the PSU or will it only function properly using a 6-Pin PCIe connector?

FYI: The PSU has connections split in two. One section for 6-pin connectors stating: CPU/PCI, and the other section for 4-pin connectors stating Peripherals/SATA.
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  1. I don't understand your issue. The add-in card requires a std. 4 pin Molex from the PSU to power it. What does a 6-pin PCIe cable have to do with it?
  2. The card should work fine without the molex cable connected. The documentation states that it is only for "reliable" power. Try it out with just the power from the PCI lane and see if that works before you go investigating extra cables.
  3. I am not really understanding your problem ether. The card is using a standard 4 pin molex connector NOT a PCI-E power connector.
  4. I'm really sorry for the confusion. I actually had the numbers confused. I only had 6-pin connectors and needed an 8-pin. No ATX cables.

    I actually figured it out on my own, the PCIe card doesn't require a power source as my sound card already has an AC adapter.

    Thanks for your help.
  5. ???
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