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Hey everyone! :hello: My friend has an older 8600 GT which runs about 79 Celsius at IDLE and even 110 C on load. (not even extreme load) Now even though I know the 8xxx series were famous about overheating, I'm wondering if it's still in the 'safe' area with these temps. Even underclocking by 5-10 points or adjusting fan speed to 95% at all times won't help a bit. Any opinions ? :??:
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  1. 110 Celsius ? No way It would have already exploded. Try another program. And if it's right,if its really that hot , be sure ITS NOT THE SAFE AREA
  2. These are quite high temperatures. Graphics cards' are able to operate at much higher temperatures than CPUs, for instance, so you can rest assured that your card will not "explode", or even be damaged from overheating.

    Still, these temperatures are higher than would be expected, I would think normal would be anything under 100 ºC. Does the card really seem to be that hot when you touch that heatsink? It could be bad surface contact between the GPU and the heatsink.
  3. Software used is the latest MSI Afterburner, which I run on my own rig with an HD 6850 showing 58C" IDLE and 65C' under load. So It's definitely not the software.

    We stripped down the cooler and did some cleaning, but temps were almost (if not) identical before and after. There was a good amount of thermal paste and the cooler did connect correctly, I've even tightened the screws to make sure it connects well.

    We played some STALKER Clear Sky to see how its going under load, and I was frightened that even though he had at least 35-40 fps on Low sets, 1280x768, Afterburner did show 108 and 111C's while alt-tabbing out. Card brand is XFX, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have lifetime warranty like in america nowadays. He is nerveous because he doesn't have any money right now and even though he says it didn't show any artifacts in atleast 6 months, (it did, under default clocks!!!) he thinks it will die soon under these temps. Well, I agree....
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