Multi monitor setup with a LCD monitor and 2 LED monitors

Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but I was wondering if anyone has a 3 monitor setup with one monitor being normal LCD and the other 2 LED. I have an LCD monitor myself and was wondering if I set up 2 LED monitors with it would the difference in the way the monitors look be annoying or weird while playing games that use all 3 monitors
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  1. it all depends on your personal preference...the LED monitors are probably going to be brighter and whiter than your non LED monitor...causing the non LED monitor to look me this would be super annoying but I cant stand using multi-monitors unless they are the exact same monitor...even a diff size monitor pisses me off..but to others its not a big deal...if they are the same size and the only difference is that one is non LED then it wont be too bad unless you have OCD like me
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