First PC Build (Budget), need affirmations!

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    I assume this is just an everyday use build, so yes all the parts are fine for low tasks. You have too much RAM to go along with a low end CPU and GPU. What are your uses and your budget?
  2. Uses will be watching videos online, playing some games older games (2004ish), and basic everyday tasks and I was wondering more whether or not all the parts were compatible with each other. Sorry for the confusion. My budget is around $375 not including the OS and I will not use an AMD processor. Thanks for the help!!! :)
  3. Why won't you use an AMD CPU? I mean, an APU would be good for your uses. You don't even need a GPU. Yes they are all compatible.
  4. Thanks so much for the help!!
  5. You could also save money on shipping by ordering them all off of Newegg.
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