Skyrim lag and skip in GTX 550 TI SLI HELP

Alright here is the problem; I have Skyrim acting weird it is as if it is set on fast
forwarding also sometimes lags. The first cut scene in the game should normally be
around 5 minutes but it is over in about 40 seconds. Now I searched everywhere even
on here and I can't find out how ti fix it. Also doesn't help I can't Google worth
crap. All help is appreciated here are my specs:

Windows 7 64-bit
AMD FX 8120 8-core processor
8GB DDR3 Ram Dual Channel
Asus GTX 550 TI SLI

All drviers are up to date.
Oh also when I start the game it puts it to High Quality graphics.
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  1. So you say the game is faster than the normal ? O_o that sounds really weird
  2. repeat thread from yesterday.?!!!!
    and this one..

    doesn't matter if the drivers are up to date.
    the GTX 550 Ti is not that good and not a gamer card, even in SLi the 550 Ti is only a GTX 560 Ti just short of a GTX 560 ti-448.
    but at least with the -448 you have 1.2GB of VRAM while even in SLi the 550 Ti's only have 1GB.
    I use the 550 Ti in a HTPC and I use it as a PhysX card.

    Skyrim eats VRAM from the start of the game.
    then you have a FX-8120 processor on top of that to compound your lack of FPS..
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