New PC build but having problems

Today I received my new pc parts and began my new build. It is the first time actually building a pc for me but I believe I did everything correctly. I connected all the new parts to the motherboard and ran a test bios and it worked perfectly. After, I connected the rest of the cables to the motherboard. Now when my windows begins to boot it freezes and I get a blue screen. Any idea on what may be causing the problem?
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  1. Did you reinstall Windows?
  2. Always reinstall Windows.
  3. Yes, always reinstall windows. However, you could try to go into bios and change whatever setting is next to your SATA HDD. For example, if it is IDE, change to AHCP, if AHCP, change to IDE.
  4. Read around some more today. I didn't reinstall windows since this harddrive was from my old pc. Changed a few settings in the bios and it seems everything is working fine now.
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