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Best graphics card for multi-monitor?

I'm looking to upgrade my 6950 to something better suited for multiple monitors. I take price into consideration but if it will future proof to an extent it's not as much of an issue.

-My computer specs are : Intel Core i5 2500K @ Stock speeds - Asus P8Z68-V LE - 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 MHz - Sapphire 6950 2gb - 100gb OWC SSD - Thermaltake V9 Black Edition- CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750.

-I have 3 1600x900 displays I plan to use for gaming but, in the future I will be using 3 1080p or 1440p monitors.

-I like the idea of the gtx 680's 3+1 monitor idea as I'd like to use another monitor while gaming, is this possible to do while in game with eyefinity?

-I have also considered an ati 7970 ghz edition due to the vram is this a better option than a gtx 670 or gtx 680?

-Is the ati 7970 toxic worth the premium over the ati 7970 ghz edition or gtx 680?

-I'd also like to know if these cards will fit with my case, motherboard and psu.

Thanks for your time.
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  1. A 7970 would be a good choice. I run a 7950 in a 3+1 configuration. Yes you can continue to use the 4th monitor while gaming in EyeFinity. The extra ram on the ATI cards vs the Nvidias does help with multi-monitors. When running EyeFinity resolutions I've seen my card go past 2 gigs of ram useage. While the Nvidia 670/680 are good cards, at higher resolutions (multi-monitor) the 7970 tends to be a better choice. The 7970 should fit in your case just fine and your 750 watt PSU is more than enough.
  2. I'm trying to both extend my resolution and gain an increase in performance. Thanks for your responses.
  3. Ok which 7970 would be the best the 7970 ghz edition or should I opt for the 6gb 7970 version, if so does the increased performance justify the price of the 6gb version and will I ever use the 6gb of vram or will the card bottleneck before it gets to that point?
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    While the ghz edition is nice, any 7970 with a descent 3rd party cooler should be able to overclock and hit the same levels. I would recommend a Sapphire or Gigabyte 7970. Both have good fans and overclock well. My Sapphire 7950 easily overclocks past a stock ghz 7970.

    As far as the version with 6 gigs of ram, to me it seems like overkill right now unless its the 7990 (i believe thats the one) which is a dual card on one board. (3 gigs of ram per card). Right now during gaming on one screen most games stay under 2 gigs of ram useage (there are exceptions like Skyrim with the HD pack and add ons). During EyeFinity gaming I have seen a few games go past the 2 gigs of ram useage but usually not by much. The highest i've seen was using 2.8 gigs of ram running Alan Wake in EyeFinity. I dont really see 6 gigs of ram being an advantage in a single card solution. By the time you got to where you needed that much Vram, it would most likely be time for another card.

    Someone mentioned crossfiring your 6950. This would actually give you more "raw" power than even a 7970, the only issue would be the Vram. The higher the resolution the more Vram you want especially when you go up to an EyeFinity resolutions (5760x1080 for me). Personally I would take a single 7970 with more Vram over Crossfired 6950's even though they may give you more raw power.
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