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I cleaned the laptop 1 week ago, Because that time my laptop went 90 Celsius in 15 min when i play split second at high settings. After cleaning my laptop goes for like 80 Celsius at 1 hour game play with high settings. Fan works fine It got Hp cool sense too i have a cooling pad too. idle temperature on my laptop is 40-50. my fan is able to put temperature down from 80 Celsius to 45 Celsius in just few seconds like 30 seconds .I put laptop in test using Everest temperature got rise fast and controlled it at 85 Celsius. are these temperatures OK or if not what do i need to do ??

My room temperature is 30 Celsius its hot in my country
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  1. Would be good to avoid 85C, but at 30C ambient, might be difficult. Did you take your laptop apart to clean? Sometimes you need to strip the fan itself to get rid of dust. Also I have had success by replacing the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU with Arctic Silver 2.
  2. That's HP for you. Friend Had same Problem. They put high Processor's with Shitty fans :)
  3. laptops are known to overheat. get urself a cooling pad for it.
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