Need cheap card for non gaming purpose

I have to send my GTX 560ti back as it is faulty, but my P67 UD4 does not have onboard graphics so I need to buy a cheap card to use while it is away.

I will then use this card in another system that will not be used for gaming. Im just confused between cards like radeon 5450 and the gt 610-20 cards. Would appreciate any suggestions.

Also i think my 2500k has integrated graphics but how would I use them without an input for minitor!
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  1. You can sometimes get the 5450 on sale on Newegg for $10 after rebate. It's a fine card to use for light computing, and it's dirt cheap. Although the same can be said of GT610 or even an GT520 or GT420 and if you get one of those you won't be uninstalling drivers
  2. The low end cards are all very similar, you won't see any of the real benefits of choosing between Nvidia or Amd at that level.

    If you just want to make do until your card gets back then I'd suggest buying the cheapest.

    You cannot use intergrated graphics if you do not have an output.
  3. ^ A card for $10, if you can get that your sorted!
  4. Doesn't seem to be any at the moment but theres this:

    $20 after rebate
  5. There's no support on the motherboard for the CPUs onboard GPU, but the good news is that any of the cheap PCI-E cards out there will do the job, no problem.
    The card linked by Paddys09 is passively cooled, so it'll be silent, just be aware it will run hot if the enclosure is small or has limited airflow.
  6. Yes I kninda got from all the reading that most of the low end cards seem to be older models just rebranded and stuff.

    Im in UK so cheapest I can get or find is

    5450 is 20£.
    520 30£
    620 30£
    630 40£
  7. Get the 5420, it's the cheapest one and it's performance doesn't matter because all you're doing is waiting on a GTX 560 Ti.
  8. Ok coolI will grab that! Thanks.
  9. Absolutely, hope you GTX 560 Ti gets healthy soon!
  10. Lol you I hope so to!!

    I have just found a Zotac 8400 gs for £12 is this comparable to the cards discussed?
  11. For twelve quid I'd go for it, mate.
    Like all 'entry leval' cards it may have minor issues if you have all the Aero features turned on and it'll struggle with Blu-ray playback but for applications short of photo editing it'll do just fine.
    Not many years ago I was using a P3 with a 4Mb-yes, 4Mb-card for office work under Windows 2000 and it ran like a little watch, it could even play DVD movies!
  12. Would you say its about as good as the 5450 cause I can get that for £20, or is the difference negligble
  13. Either will do for office work but the 5450 will be faster, me, I'd drop the 5450 in, it'll give a smoother experience all round.
  14. I already ordered the 8400. I will only use it for a week or two then I can probably flog for eight quid or something!
  15. The 5450 was 20£ plus a fiver delivery, the 8400 was 12 with free delivery!
  16. Sorry for not reading this until now. The 8400GS is about the same as the 5450, but it actually has one advantage. You can put in your system without uninstalling nVidia's drivers and installing AMD's And when your GTX 560 Ti comes back, same thing, no driver issues :)
  17. Thanks thats worked out perfect then. And thanks for reply. I only really need a card that can let me use internet and create work docs etc so this should be fine then.

    Also Im thinking of installing it in my mums pc when I have finished; its got AMD 4350 intergrated graphics, do you think it will be worth installing, will there be a benefit!
  18. It'll improve it somewhat for HD video viewing and basic 3D work.
  19. Ok cool so it wont go to waste then! Thanks for your help!
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