Do I need a better PSU?

I've got a Celeron 667 + a bunch of cards (Geforce 2 MX, network card, Pinnacle Systems DV, Hauppauge TV, Soundblaster 64V, RealMagic DVD) & two hard drives, a CD-R and a DVD-drive.

I've got this 250W power supply.

I've thought of getting a AMD Thundbird so I think that one needs obviously a better one, but is my current enough for the system I now have?
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  1. Are you having any problems?

    If the answer to any of the above questions is "No", then your PSU seem sufficient.

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  2. Well, if you're currently having any problems then get a new PSU. Here's my list of likely problems:

    - System sometimes won't boot for no reason and upon restart it works perfectly
    - Stand By doesn't always work or the computer crashes while entering standby
    - Your computer reports the wrong amount of memory but the memory is seated properly and isn't bad
    - You're not overclocking your graphics card and your computer sometimes freezes while playing a game
    - Burning a CD crashes your system before it actually starts
    - CD/DVD drives and even hard drives seem to just stop working for a couple of seconds (no lights) and then work again.

    Well, those are all common symptoms I've seen from experience building my system last summer with a weak generic 300W PSU. I'd recommend spending a bit more for a 430W Enermax PSU for their excellent quality and clean power. What people have to realize is that a PSU cannot sustain its rated amount of power. You'll tend to experience power spikes where the power supply suddenly supplies too much or too little power to your computer's components so for the future I'd recommend the 430W Enermax. Not only does it supply up to 430W of power, Enermax products are known for their clean, virtually spike free power.

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  3. I have these rare freezes, when I reboot (nothing major).
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