Google playing dirty games?

Ok, this is just my own opinion, and I would like to know if anybody else have come across such experience? Basically, my gripe is, i use Opera(not mini) on my desktop to surf the web and i havent switched to chrome, because i am used to it, and i am very very satisfied with it(customizable keyboard shortcuts anyone?). So, the problem is, YOUTUBE. Google owned youtube. I am experiencing weired slowdowns and inconsistent buffering with youtube videos on opera. It works fine on chrome and it works about ohk on IE. EVERY other streaming site, eg dailymotion etc works flawless(and IMO better) on Opera, apart from google owned youtube. Then again, it could be the browsers fault, but i have my doubts. Any other Opera user here suffering from it too?
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  1. I have had the same stuttering issues in opera with youtube. this only seems to happen when i have upwards of 70 tabs open tho. if i restart the browser and only launch 20 or so tabs then it plays fine.
  2. There's actually a study on this site that shows what you are talking about wrazor and what ncc says was shown in the study. According to said study opera performs third behind chrome most of the time and firefox/IE the rest of the time in regards to speed(although I don't remember if it was start up time or overall).
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