Is the server can play a video card 7950

is server processor with 12 cores or 24 cores AMD 2.3GH AMD Opteron 6176 SE
Can play a video card And fill it?

I work with software for films containing Skylar (Photo Improvement takes many CPU Like the picture )

I want to understand if whether 12 processors working at 2.3 GH
Can play a video card 7950 or 7970 ?

Does processor speed matter ? Or several processors working in high Capacity ?

Thanks for the explanation
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  1. AH in need of a professional GPU for the cheaps huh? why don't you look at some of the old FirePro GPU's
  2. Thanks for your help
    Why do I need a video card FirePro GPU's ?
    HD 7970 video card much stronger ?
  3. what programs will u be using?

    and whats ur budget.
  4. Radeons are for gaming. You can use them for Professional graphics but thats not their strongest playing field. Where as a FirePro is made for Professional graphics but you may be lucky to run the latest FPS on low...
  5. yea 2 different things, ones meant for gaming and ones more for professional reasons as rockdpm said, +1
  6. i work with Special software Shach PDVD not sold to the public
    "PDVD Studio versio WITH TAZN filter "

    I really do not understand you, why do you think I should have FirePro ?
    why i need "Professional graphics " ? Professional graphics for what ?
    I project 1 computer to 1 screen
    your video card FirePro V5800 Very old, no HDMI no support at HDDTS And weak
    my 7950 can Easily play 75FPS
    All your answer is not understandable

    Do not understand what to do with my question?
  7. Yea i clear understan ?. We say what you want needs pro graphics.. 7950 for gaming. not for professional work. you programs use...needs professional graphics..
  8. FirePro FOR CAD Users or DCC applications Not to see movies
    FirePro V5800 Do not play sound and "probably" not play DTS-HD or TrueHD

    You do not know the software, so how do you recommend graphics card for?
    You do not have FirePro and do not have expertise !

    All what you write I need a card FirePro ?
    But you do not write what I need it?
    What it will have exactly?
    How do you know when I need it?

    Your answer seems not so good look as a joke ?

    ... No answer
  9. Your English is poor, you can expect to be misunderstood. Either be patient or go somewhere that you can get answers in your language.

    You want to know many things, like if your CPU is best for your program. You have been very vague about what program you are running, but I think you are talking about an old version of Power DVD Studio.
    The reason this program is sucking up all your processor cores probably has more to do with how you acquired it.

    You need a better understanding of CPUs and GPUs. I am not going to try to give you this understanding here, but I am going to give you a little hint:

    "films containing Skylar" does not seem to mean anything.
  10. lack of english, and trying to understand what u want.

    please be more clear do u want a gaming or professional card?
  11. yea this is bs. Think this guy is trolling. Because he asks for help then questions recommendations
  12. yep. fully agreeing with u there.
  13. Your English is poor, you can expect to be misunderstood. Either be patient or go somewhere that you can get answers in your language.

    I'm sorry my English is better from your understanding
    All the answers given by you and Rockdpm /iceclock are a joke
    There is no connection to my questions
    Their understanding does not exist, their explanation Amounts down to three points...

    I understand they are poor people with no life or work and work here for free
    Read their nonsense and cry

    As long as these two clowns will remain on the site, poor people who ask
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