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I want to kill it just i cant find a program that will

Basically for those of you that know me I got my computer taken away(im 15 and I had a D in lit for about a week) I was sentenced to use my sisters old computer which cant run 720p videos at more than 20 frames and has a dual core processor that over heats like no ones business, my phone(gs3) is faster than this thing.... basically i'm sick of it I want to see it burn, I tried to find a program that i could overclock the cpu(cant do bios does not support it) that will just melt the trails leaving it useless, any help would be great

note: if there are any other options to kill it that dont envolve dropping it down the stair etc then fine i will give it a try... im tyring with a magnet right now
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  1. Panic!! c'mon hard and get your grades in place. No one's gonna tell you how to melt your PC. we know that you are smart enough to know that your cpu will trip when it comes dangerously close to its TjMax.

    good luck
  2. i have an A now :P i didnt know about a quiz so yeah but its all good now(still dont have computer back but its ok that will come)

    also i disabled the automatic shutdown
  3. u need to study hard, and than game. games can only distract u from ur real goal. success :)
  4. yeah, :D thanks! haha I pulled up the grade, real quick :P considering how it is the second week of the semester now and I mean im getting my old computer back and the laptop i have now is more than 6 years old(dont know exact dates) and just wanted to put it out of its misery
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  6. Why so serious?:P


    Anyways thanks for help guys(kinda) u think I will keep this thing alive for as much longer as it wants.... Hop sooner than later but only time can tell.... Anyways thank you all :D
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