Check if gpu is dead

My GPU heats up fast as usual and today so I was a lump of ice in a plastic bag and then tuck my metal foil and wrapped it tightly, when I put the metal foil on the GPU so beat computer off. When I started it again so as to stand it on the lcd poster: vga bios and when it was switched off as it said: pwr_off
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  1. google translte suck! xD
  2. let's try to understand that first, what did you do with a lump of ice and a metal foil?? you placed it in the videocard?!?! O_O
  3. yss i did, iam too yong and naive so i tryed omthing stupid, ihad everything and no nothig, seems like i burned the whole thing. How stupid, "metal" foil, ***, i taugtit i'll be great so the ice idnt melt so fast and moisture to be ade n thecar. Dan that wa a supid idea my friend.
  4. my keyboard is retarded by the way
  5. all i want to sy is that messing with metal whilst the pc is running is stupid, putting metal material on open weldings on chips like mobo and pu is a mistake. ******* stupid i was, who would try to put ice on a gp to cool it up, guess I?!?!?!?
  6. who deleted my last post? Yey you placed ice in foil tightly witch forms condensation liquid am I getting this right
  7. sy=say
  8. Uh, if it was working before, then you put metal foil + ice and now the pc won't even start I'd say you have killed a few things.
  9. yee bro! you got it, and the foil was made by metal and then you can imagine the rest
  10. chance of ice leaking onto the pcb potentially destroying stuff?
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