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Hello guys my friend has ran into a problem with his new build. This is his very first build that I helped him with and he is all done but when he trys to turn it on, nothing turns on. We tried almost everything but nothing is happening. Literally nothing happens when he presses the power button. Here are his specs.

ASUS Maximus V Formula
Intel Core 2700k
Corsair AX 750W PSU
EVGA GeForce GTX 660ti Super Clocked edition
Patriot Viper 16GB RAM
Corsair H100 CPU Cooler
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB HDD
Crucial M3 128GB SSD
NZXT Phantom Full Tower

Please help, hes freaking out and I'm not there to help him. Thank you for your time.
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  1. montosaurous said:

    Hey, thanks for replying, im the guy thats having these problems, i think i just didnt plug something in, BUT I DONT KNOW WHAT!!!
  2. what model number, speed, voltage, timings and configuration is you patriot viper ram?

    These are the models of patriot ram up to 16GB in 2 or 4 slots on the Asus Maximus V Formula QVL:

    PXD38G1866ELK 2x4GB 1.65v 9,11,9,27 or 9,9,9,24

    PGD316G1600ELK 2x8GB 1.65v

    PGD38G1600ELK 2x4GB 1.65v 9,9,9,24

    PVV38G1600LLK 2x4GB 1.65v 8,9,9,24

    PG38G1333EL 8GB 1.5

    PGD316G1333ELK 2x8GB 1.5v 9,9,9,24

    I'm thinking that if your ram isn't on Asus' QVL, it might not post.
  3. QVLs don't really mean anything.
  4. montosaurous said:
    QVLs don't really mean anything.

    Tell that to people whose pc won't post 'cuz their ram isn't on the QVL...
  5. Nvm it turns out to be a DOA Power supply.
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