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I was recently looking at the 6950, then flash it to 6970. But then I thought to myself: Hmm, AMD used to have terrible drivers support, and I don't stay up to date with them and I don't feel like reading about that, and I haven't read anything big on AMD drivers so I think I'll stick to nVidia unless somebody else says otherwise.

I have a 850w PSU so I'm not limited to anything (besides 295 sli lol), I have the Sabertooth Z77, the 3570k, and 8gbs of ram. My current GPU is the GTX 280, OEM unfortunately. Stock clocks, and for me it isn't enough because I want to run everything at max settings, and I want DX11.

My monitor resolution is 1920x1200, and no I will not be using triple monitors, right now I have 2 and the 2nd one is just for looks, and sometimes I'll have task mgr running in it.

SO what I want:

Max settings, 1920x1200, DX11, high fps, quiet, and most important of all, I don't want to be bottle necked.

And do NOT give me any fagboy answers. For example: dude you should definitely get AMD because they are cheaper and better than nVidia because the graphics cards have 4 numbers not 3. Fact.

None of that crap, I'm not an nVidia fanboy but it is my personal preference. Both companies are great.
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  1. And I am ok with buying used cards
  2. Nvidia GTX 560 TI Twin Frozr seems to be at the $250 rate.
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    I think you just answered your own question :D
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  5. PresidentSwag said:
    I think you just answered your own question :D

    Yep. Thanks
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