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Upgrading CPu to Core 2 Quad q6600 or 9500

Hey guys i was wondering im upgrading my PC to the Core 2 Quad q6600 or the 9500,which is better for gaming,im also upgrading my GPU,from my current which is a 9800GT,i have a 365w PSU im thinking about upgrading to the 7750 which i heard performs like the 6770,or should i go with the AMD HD7770 which i heard uses 75w max but my psu doesn't have a molex is an a adapter for my ps3
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  1. The Q9500 is better just make sure your board supports it. Go with the 7750 sounds like your PSU is old.
  2. ok yes i looked up my Motherboard and it supports the Core 2 Quad Socket,currently i have the Core 2 Duo e6750 my psu can been handling the 9800GT overclocked for sometime now
  3. The 7770 should work then, about the same or less power draw.
  4. Any good place to buy the 9500?im thinking about ebay but seems overprices
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    Those CPU's are old and the only place to buy them is ebay or other auction sites. There are many people in your situation wanting to extend the life of their LGA775 systems and therefore pushing up the price. Just a matter of patience and grabbing one for a deal.
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