New computer restarts itself during Video games.

system info: Corsair AX1200W PSU
AsusP8Z68-V Motherboard
Intel i7-2600 @3.40 GHz(x2)(liquid cooled)
Nvidia EVGA GTX 570(x2) GFX cards
16 gigabytes of G-skill RAM
Win7 64bit

Randomly when i'm playing video games my pc will just shut itself down and immediately reboot. It will treat it as an improper shutdown and ask for normal or safe restart. I have verified that my gfx cards are sli'ed together. They also have the newest drivers available. Any ideas?
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  1. Most likely it is overheating.
  2. nope, it will happen occassionally after only 20min or so. I also run SpeedFan and keep an eye on my temps.
  3. *Try running 1 card only (try each one in each slot)
    *Try running with no GPU at all, use the IGP of the 2600.
    *Try each ram stick in each slot individually.
    *Make sure everything is updated.

    Off topic: why did you buy that PSU???? you could have gotten dual GTX580s and a nice 850w PSU instead of that, and unless you're doing heavy video editing/decoding/encoding/transcoding/running VM/use fraps with high details there is no need for an i7.
  4. montosaurous said:
    Most likely it is overheating.

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