GPU 4 gaming....

hi frndzz...

i wnt to choose bst gaming GPU under 6500INR....(116 USD)..
radeon hd 6670 gddr5 is good or bad??? confused of wch is good xfx radeon hd 6670 gddr5, ati radeon hd 6670 gddr5.. etc
and any other good GPU at this price?????
plz help...!!!
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  1. if you go to nehru place you can find a hd 6770 or hd 6750 for rs 6200 (i bought a hd 6770 for rs 6200 from there)
  2. Hi,

    It's pretty hard to find a good gaming card for that price...Sad but true.

    If you want to get the best.This would be my choice
  3. thnx 2 all..
  4. hi.. which z gud
    xfx 9800gt vs hd 6670??????????????? 1 gb.. gddr5..!?
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