My first PC build! Drivers!? I'm lost please advise

Hi guys,

I have finally finished my 1st PC build,

I have the latest BIOS (good I think), and have downloaded the nVidia drivers for my graphics card.

BUT when I go to Asus drivers for my mobo there are about 10 different downloads for things like:-

Qualified vendor list
BIOS (I have this one)
Chip set
and so on...

I want to get the best performance out of my new PC, so which ones would I need to download if any? Also are there any other driver I would need to download? or a program that would tell me? Cheers
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  1. Well, you could use Driver Max, a paid application that looks up what drivers you need for your current hardware and installs them on command. Or, you could just get all the drivers that you can find with the latest time stamp from each site specific to your hardware. The first is faster but costs some dough, and the second of course is time consuming and personally my most hated step in setting up towers, stupid drivers . . . Or, you could try to find some freeware that does the same as Driver Max I suppose, I never really tried looking for any but when I purchased Driver Max I was 100% satisfied with my purchase. Things to consider I suppose.

    PS: You should probably do all Mobo related driver installations first, than find all of the hardware specific drivers second.
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