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I have just rebuilt my homebuilt desktop PC with an i7CPU, DQ57TM mobo and my old Intel CPU fan in a preloved Silverstone micro-ATX case that has two case fans both working fine. However the CPU fan is running nonstop and becomes quite shrill when the processing load is high. Maybe I should have thought about this earlier but am now not sure if it is such a good idea to run such a powerful CPU in such a small case?

I have installed Speedfan and so far the temperatures seem to be within ballpark. However am working in a relatively warm room with temps up to 30C so am considering ways to keep the temperature as low as possible. Which of the following options would you recommend:

1) Replace old Intel CPU fan with a better system, such as...???
2) Replace micro-ATX case with a bigger case with more space and more fans...???
3) ....???

What difference if any would such changes make to system temperature and performance?
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  1. Have you set your smartfan in the board bios? It only takes a minute. Most newer boards have this feature. I calibrate the fan, then use manual mode and set it to "quiet".
  2. thanks o1die, I will try to do this
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