Cpu cooler/ram clearance dilema

I'm looking at doing a microATX build with the Maximus V Gene, G.Skill Trident X's and CM GeminII S524. Problem is I don't think the fins on the ram will clear the cpu cooler. Would it be ok to remove them since the cooler blows down on the MB and ram anyway? or does anyone know of a cpu cooler that would fit? Case is Silverstone Temjin TJ08-e.
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  1. k, got the hyper 212 evo. my trident X's have pretty high heatsinks though. about to try the build now, we'll see how it goes..
  2. whynot getting low-profile ram like corsair vengeance black low-profile?
  3. oh bought it already. i guess goodluck
  4. just finished build. cpu cooler obstructs dimm 1. put ram in slots 2 & 4. fits nicely and seems to be running great. thanks for the replies guys.
  5. excellent :)

    ya that happens at time a cooler will block a ram slot ;P
  6. Just an FYI, if you ever want to fill the other two slots, there is no issue with removing the heat-spreaders from any RAM module if you are careful. They really are just for show- at 1.5 or 1.65v, there isn't enough heat there to need anything beyond a little air movement to cool.

    Even if you were in need of help cooling the sticks, virtually all heat-spreaders are only attached with some sort of mild adhesive or two-sided tape. No thermal paste or the like. The only real concern when removing them is to take your time and not damage the memory itself. My Corsair Vengeance memory only required about a minute per stick and a credit card to help pry them open; there was no hope for a tower cooler otherwise.
  7. Thank you ocmusicjunkie. I will look into that. Are they made to be taken off?
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