Exchanging Info over two networks


I'd like to be able to have access to all the hard drives that are on both networks, with the aim of easy media sharing.

Heres what i'm working with so far,
I've got two networks each in a different apartment, each with internet access with a different provider.

Network A has a wifi n duel band router, with two PS3s, two Xbox360s, two computers (one Macbookpro OSX and one PC win7 ) and one Wii all connected to the router wierlesly.

Network B has a wifi, with PS2, Xbox360, a laptop win7 and a pc win7

I also have a portable hard drive, that i want to have access to wirelessly.

'm not sure where to start, how to gain access to the other network without using the internet.
I've been told that i'd have to get a server, but i'm not very computer lit, i just want the freedom of info over the two networks.

any help would be welcome, thanks
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  1. how far apart are the apartments
  2. one on top of the other, its a two level apartment building I've got the top level and i have family on the first floor. i.m network A
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