How accurate is Speccy in terms of temp readings?

ASRock Extreme tuning utility is showing my CPU temp at 25C idle, while Speccy is showing 43C >_>

I just installed a Cooler Master Gemini II cooler and before I was getting about 50C idle in both programs with the stock cooler.
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  1. never compare two programs, as either can be wrong. Use core temp and HW monitor and let the majority win :)
  2. Check using realtemp and coretmep as well
    I find that speccy gets the same numbers as coretemp on my builds and it matches with my MSI ultities

    Not sure if speccy records the core temp or package tmep
  3. I tried HW Monitor and it's telling me the package temp is 43C. What's the difference between the core temp and the package temp, and is that low enough? Thanks in advance.
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    The temps are read at three places usually. One is on motherboard below the cpu socket. there's temp diodes for the cores and temp diodes for IHS (integrated heat spreader, the HSF sits on this).

    cpu package temps seem higher than core temps and this is because the package temp is read at the mobo socket and is warmer. the temp diode at the IHS-HSF contact will read the least temp as that dissipates the heat fastest.

    the most important temp is the core temp. the further you are from reaching it's threshold the cooler you are running.
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