Better hardware? crappier performance?

I dont understand.

Why is it that there are people out there that i have better hardware but crappy performance than they do?

For example, i have an AMD 955 @4.0 (from 3.2ghz), sapphire 6870 1gb, 500 gb HDD and 12gb ram 1333 and i have pretty decent performance mainly for flight sim x but when i record using fraps, it seems i have a $100 computer while there are people out there who have an AMD 945 @3.0 AND A GTX 460 running fsx as if they have a fricken i7 2600k @5.0ghz and a radeon 7970 or gtx 680???

Pretty much the same settings are used. I dont get it. It really feels like i wasted all my money or someone is lying (which i dont know why he or she would)
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  1. :)
    The post made me smile.... but like every human being is different, so is every rig and one things for sure, the setup is different.
    Maybe you got some setting up incorrectly.... not erroneous but just not flowing the right way.....
    You just need to be with your rig more often.... and stop ogling at other rigs.... it kinda turns them off.....
  2. Last time i checked everythig was 7 and higher except the hdd which was i think 5.4?

    Hey my system is awesome and i love it to death and treat it like my kid but when i see another peron with step back hardware and better performance, then that must mean my system should be screaming its lungs out
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