I7 3770k temps

I have recently built a PC, and have installed an i7 3770k running at stock speeds. I have the corsair H80 for cooling and was wondering if my temps are fine or if they are too high. while playing battlefield 3 the highest my temps go to are 58 degrees Celsius and while idle the temperature is about around 32 degrees Celsius. My H80 is set to take air into the case from the outside. The temps i have told you are the temperatures beside package(using HW monitor). Are my temperature fine or are they higher then what i should be getting with my H80? Thanks in advance.

i7 3770k
Corsair H80 cooling
asus maximus v formula mobo
8gb corsair dominator ram 1600mhz
Asus gtx 680 2gbddr5 OC edition
corsair AX850 psu
cooler master haf xm case
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  1. Temps are excellent
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