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2 monitors, 1 GPU w/HDMI


I am going to try to use my monitor and my HDTV at the same time occasionally and I'm wondering this...

If i have a GTX 670 with an HDMI out and my mobo has an HDMI out, can i use one of each for both my monitor and my HDTV? And also, If I am able to do this, will they both be using the full capabilities of the GPU?
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  1. I don't recommend you do that as it is alot more likely to cause driver conflicts when setup like that, you're better off getting a DVI-HDMI adapter for your 670 and running both monitors off it.
  2. awesome response thanks!
  3. If the 670 says it has a dvi and hdmi out can i just use those or do i need to get an adapter?
  4. You can use any of the card's output as long as your monitor/HDTV has it, I just said get an adapter because I thought you were using only HDMI.
  5. ohh so i can get an adapter so that i can use the dvi on the card as an hdmi? I think?
  6. Sorry but im so new to all this, would it be easier to just use one hdmi to go from the card to the stereo for the HDTV and use the dVI to go to the monitor since i dont need the sound for thaT??
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    Yes to both.
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  9. THANKS!!
  10. You're welcome.
  11. Just remember adapting DVI to HDMI will result in HDMI without sound (since DVI never had sound to begin with).
  12. Actually it can output sound on most modern cards:
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