Will an a10 5800k + hd 7950 bottleneck?

hi guys, I got this one question. Will an a10 and an hd 7950 bottleneck? im planning on buying a 7950 but im not sure if it'll bottleneck or not since we all know that an a10 is only a cheap processor. LOL

so guys, what do u think? will it bottleneck? or should i buy a gpu that is weaker than 7950 like a 7870 perhaps?

i need ur opinion guys! hehe! thanks in advance!
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  1. depends on what games you play. If the game is also CPU intensive, like sykrim or bf3 multiplayer, then yes, it will bottleneck.


    These benchmarks are single player however. I'm very sure if the games you plan on playing are CPU and GPU intensive, it will most surely bottleneck.

    You shouldn't by a weaker GPU...no point.
  2. as you're getting discrete gpu, i see no point getting 5800k which also has gpu. Better get fx-6300 and 970 mobo.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_hps7TV4d0

    proof that it will bottleneck 7950..
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