New Pc with freezing issues, appreciate help.

I built my pc about a week ago. It has been freezing 2-3 times a day during the week.

Everytime besides twice it froze with me not at the computer.

Another time it froze logging into win7. I typed my password really fast and typed enter like a fraction of a second later, so i thought maybe i just sent to much info at once at the machine.

My computer did it again just now. The lights on the pc are on and the fans are running, but the image on screen is frozen with no mouse or keyboard activity.

I opened it up and took out the video card and replaced it in. It froze at 4 :03.

By the time i put it back together, it froze at bios screen once. After i turned it off (with was instand instead of having to hold the button) It brought me back to the screen it was at before it froze. At first i couldnt move the mouse but after a minute or so windows recongized it or started giving power to my usb, since my phone thats charging usb charged for a second, than stopped, than came back when the mouse did.

I read the the screws in the motherboard are important. I realized i used the screws that came with my case, just normal short black screws, when i think i might of needed to use others.

I have ran a memory test on my pc and it came out fine. Also my tempatures on my computer were fine, 30-35c range.

my specs- intel i5-3570 ivy bridge 3.4 ghz lga 1155 77 quad core

XFX core edition PRO550W. 550w ATX12 2.2& ESP12v 2.91

Radeon 7870

this is my motherboard-

i really appreciate all comments and help. thanks again.
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  1. Also it just happend again. Removing my soundcard seemed to do the trick, there is an onboard one that maybe was causing conflict, tho i think it was since it was not maybe all the way in the slot.

    When i took it out, i got the pc to start after a couple blank start ups, where i would hear the windows login but have no video going to my monitor.

    Would this be a sign of a damage video card or not enough power to my system? 550w
  2. Have you updated the BIOS? Do you have all the newest drivers installed? Is the onboard sound disabled in BIOS? I'd start there, first and if that doesn't fix it, try running memtest.

    Check device manager and see if there are any device conflicts, too.
  3. thanks for the reply, i have no updated my bios, tho i do believe all my drivers are up to date. I also ran a memtest last week or so and it came out ok.

    Is flashing the bios another term for updating it? Uneducated on alot of this terminology.

    thanks again for the help! Also this might be note worth. I notice when i turn my pc on first time in the day my monitor wont receive a signal but my fans will be running. After a restart or too its fine and i hear what i believe is the cpu heatsink turning on, tho it might be the gpu.

    It has also froze at the bios flash up screen that comes up real quick at start if this is any help.

    you the man
  4. Flashing the BIOS is another term for updating it, but you can flash a BIOS back to a previous version, so maybe "update" was the wrong word.
  5. egilbe said:
    Flashing the BIOS is another term for updating it, but you can flash a BIOS back to a previous version, so maybe "update" was the wrong word.

    hey egible, i am at my last few days to be able to return my items. In your opinoin, would the signal not getting the monitor during launch indicate a GPU problem most likely? This seems to happen when i boot up for the first time in the day, and will take a couple tries sometimes to get it running. It will sometimes get to the little bios menu that pops up for a second usually and freeze on that. So in that case, it has a signal from the gpu in my mind, so would that maybe contridict a straight GPU issue? I appreciate a reply thanks for all the help.
  6. It could be a CPU issue, It could be a bad hard drive since it has to load all the data during boot from the drive. It could be a power supply issue too. I don't think it's the GPU since you do get a signal and it displays correctly.
  7. Reading the comments on Newegg about your motherboard. A lot of people are having the same problem you are. The only way to rule out the motherboard is to get a new one.
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