I3 or fx-4300

Im new to pc building but have built pc's before. Im building a $600 pc for my mate. His requirments, "Needs to run minecraft really well" (Really well meaning 100 fps min), play the latest games, (bf3, far cry 3, some steam games ect.) All under $600 to $700 australian dollars.
I wanted to get the phenom x4 but its discontinued over here, so automaticly went for an fx of some sort. But relised that the i3 might be better. Its hard to trust reviews online. So ive come here to ask you guys whats the best for the price and performance in my situation.
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  1. fx430 as it 4cores are quite handy for everyday life and decent in gaming.
  2. +1 for the fx 4300
  3. +1 for the i3 /but I'd like to consider going for an i5 though/...
    fx-4 has its strong points but gaming is none of them... also it's easier to upgrade the i3 when your mate needs a bit more power...
  4. yea but lga 1155 is a dead socket
  5. Depending on prices the FX-6300 might be the best budget option. Atleast where I live the price difference between FX-4300 and 6300 is 12 euros.
  6. As mentioned above save a lil more and get the i5 3330 it is only 30 dollars more than some i3's
  7. i5 3330 is good also
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