I5 3450+HD 7770 or i3+7850 (8Gb Ram both builds)

i'll be using the new buid for gaming (at 1080p with maximum setting), and daily use.

I'll appreciate any help from you guy's! :)
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  1. If it's a case of choice a) or choice b), for gaming, all other things being equal, DEFINITELY choice b)
  2. b 99% of games do not use 4 cores just 1 or 2
  3. if you show me your part list i will help
  4. i3 +HD7850
  5. emperor piehead said:
    if you show me your part list i will help

    full system specifications (without cpu/gpu)

    MB: Gigabyte H77M-D3H
    PSU: Corsair Cx 430/500 (I think it's enough to power this system)
    Case: Zalman Z11
    DVD R/w: Asus DVD writer
    Storage: Corsair Force series 60Gb SSD+500Gb HD
    Monitor: Samsung 21.5 Inc (1920x1080)
  6. I would say the i3 and the 7850 for now and if you need more power in the future you can sell off the i3, grab a i5 or i7 and either crossfire the 7850 or sell it and get something better

    PS: I am planning my own build now and have found that if you want to play BF3 (64 multi) then a i5 is oddles better than a i3
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