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hi all,
i want to buy a gc within 8-9k budget but still confused... amd/ati gc's use 450w and nvidia gc use 350w... so m planning to buy a 450w psu and later buy the gc after deciding... what i fear is that won't 450w gc cause any problems to my gc in case i buy a nvidia one which uses 350w power supply... or extra power doesn't matter... help me out...
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    I am not sure what you are asking. Are you saying that you have 9 grand to buy a pc with? If so, you will need a bigger power supply to run all of the stuff you can buy with all that money.

    No doubt. But if you meant 800-900 then you could probably look into a 560 ti or 570.
  2. Are you in India by any chance? Because 8k-9k rupees would actually make sense.
  3. 9k for a GameCube? I don't even have one but I'll sell you anyway.
  4. Why cant people convert their budget to USD since most of us deal with USD?
  5. I am from India so you can assume 165 dollars
  6. well i bought a corsair 430w psu and going for zotac nvidia 550ti finally
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    Ok much better. You'd be looking at the radeon 7770, it is very easy on power supplies and leagues better than the 550 ti. It never can hurt to have a higher watt power supply except in efficiency in very high watt units. Don't get a 350w unit, 450w can handle most everything low-end these days but 350 can be borderline.
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  9. He should be able to afford the 6850...which is a decent bump from the 7770...
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