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Hello, this is my first post in tomshardware. I recently just bought a new pc, I was told to buy all separate parts and build it myself. So I did, my first computer I've built. My specs are an intel i5 3570k, z77 pro 3 MOBO, 8 GB of ram. I've done nothing to my computer, overclocking wise and have made no changes to the motherboard or CPU. Upon exploring my new toy, which surprisingly fired right up, I found the mobo software after installing my drivers and saw my CPU temp to be around 50-60C. I was downloading a few things, running FB, and just messing around. Is this normal? 60c? After turning it off last night, it installed a bunch of updates on windows 7 professional, turned it on this morning and the IES (intelligent energy saver) that I have was turned to off, and it said temp around 95c, so I turned the IES on and it started to fall pretty fast in temp. Is that temp normal during boot up time? Maybe I'm over thinking this all and am paranoid, but I paid good $, and don't want to screw anything up being a complete rookie in all this. I just need to know if these temps are normal. I've read tons of forums, and have read about tcase, load temp, ambient temps, etc. and I just am at a loss for words and feel I'm in over my head! :-( please help. Thank you. Sincerely, rookie. Da_lunk
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  1. 95C! check if your CPU cooler is properly mounted on the CPU...
  2. And use prime95 to check temps under load...
    Use Realtemp to monitor CPU temperatures
  3. Like timarp000 said, check that your cooler is mounted properly, (And no, this doesnt mean immediatly tighten the mounting screws. lol) It could be that it's a little loose, or maybe even a bit too tight? Also, did you use the thermal paste that was supplied with the cooler, or did you apply tour own? If you used your own, did you use enough/apply it correctly?
  4. The heat sink came with an amount on the bottom of it, so I placed it on the CPU and closed the latch. I'm assuming that's what the substance was on the bottom, no I didn't touch it. I will check again to make sure the fan is secure on the CPU. I've also been told maybe I need to control my fans and make them a little faster? Easy with a program right? Thanks for the replies.
  5. Right, okay. Problem no.1 found.
    Issue: Stock thermal plaste
    Effect: High CPU temps
    Cause: Cheap and nasty thermal paste
    Fix: Buy some Arctic Silver and apply this. This will help with temps alot.

    Also, once you have removed the old thermal paste get a piece of wet and dry sandpaper and smooth over the bottom of the heatsink, where it contacts the cpu. This will give a more even surface, and therefore more surface area for the cpu to transfer heat into the heatsink.

    P.S.If you've never applied thermal paste before, Look at a you-tube vid. It sounds silly, but if you apply it wrong it can do more damage than good. its not too difficult though.
  6. As far as you're CPU fan goes, You should find that it will increase in speed as the CPU gets hotter. Check the BIOS to make sure its enabled. A program might help with the fan speed, but If its running from a 5V line, then you wont be able to do much. Look at a you-tube vid again to see how to wire it straght into a 12V line.
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