Can you run a nvidia on a:

Can you run a Nvidia graphics card on a Asus P8P67 motherboard is the awnser no
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  1. No, the answer is not no. The answer is yes, you can run an Nvidia graphics card on that motherboard. You can always run single card setups on any motherboard with a compatible interface (e.g. PCI-e). Not all boards can run MULTIPLE Nvidia graphics cards in SLI, however - you have to check if it's an SLI-certified board if you want to run multiple Nvidia cards on it.
  2. Ok I just thought you couldn't because it has ATI on the crossfire x
  3. There's a lot of motherboards that are compatible with crossfire (multiple AMD cards) but not SLI (multiple Nvidia cards). However, that doesnt affect anything about single graphics card setups.
  4. Ok thanks for the help
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