XONAR D2X power connection

I've replaced my old Sound Blaster X-fi card with a Xonar D2X card.

The power cable that the SB X-Fi card uses has a 5 pin connection - the power cable works fine. However, the Xonar D2X card uses a 4 pin connection.

I've tried to use the 5 pin power cable but the Xonar D2X does not like it - I get error messages about the card ha ving no power. I know the 4 pin connection is supposed to be the same as a diskette power cable but even though my PC dates from 2008 back then the PCs were beinbg built without diskette drives.

What are my options? Get a 4 pin power cable from somewhere and try and fit it?

My PC is a Dell 730X running Windows 7 54 bit.

Thanks in advance for recommendations.
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  1. You should be able to find 6-pin to 4-pin connectors out there; they are common enough. But yeah, floppy power connectors are getting dropped by most PSU's now.
  2. @gamerk316 - thanks for that. I will look around for some local suppliers for the 6-pin to 4-pin connector.
  3. I can't edit my post.

    It turns out that the X-Fi card does not have a power connector. What I assumed was a poer cable is actually a connector to the Intel Front Panel Audio....

    Facepalm and opening my desktop's case again.....
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