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I have a recent post about connecting my tv via HDMI. sadly there was no fix and so i decided to order a component cable(DVI-I to 3 rca). i received the cable and connected it through the component input on my tv. but my computer doesnt recognize it. at startup i get the ASUS motherboard screen on the TV but then nothing after. this tells me its not hardware. any ideas?
Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 4800 series
TV:Emerson 32" LC320em1
i have also connected this tv through s-video. the resolution is so crappy its not worth computer does recognize my tv when it is connected via HDMI but no display through startup or anything
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reinstalled Driver countless times, tried other tv and the component still didnt display. although the HDMI out works on all other tvs except for mine. Hd port on my tv is also tested good with other things(xbox, ps3). tried resolution changing(small to high). looked in the bios and found nothing. been across several forums and everyone is stumped
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  1. Did you try another HDMI cable?
  2. Sunius said:
    Did you try another HDMI cable?

    I have tried 4 different HDMI cables and nothing. the weird part is they work with my brothers tv. but i know my HD ports work!
    i only have one comp cable and its brand new. also when i hook it up via component. the windows 7 connecting sound thingy doesnt play and it doesnt even recognize i have inserted another display on component
  3. so you have other monitor connected to your computer?
    im thinking that your computer outputs more then tv can take 1080p for example.
    Connect HDMI cable, go to AMD control panel and set up your tv there 720p
  4. My TV was working fine through HD for a month tho. then one day i was playing fallout nv and it simply stopped displaying and has never come back. Where is amd control panel located?
  5. update: i tried my friends tv(SAME MODEL TV) emerson LC320EM1. also does not work in the same way mine does. but hers connects with her laptop just fine via HDMI. this is pushing my mind back the other way leading me to beilieve it is my graphics card and not my tv. any thoughts?
  6. well i gave up since i was getting nowhere fast and traded my tv for a monitor... still would like to know the answer tho since ive never been so lost when it comes to a problem like that
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