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Hope this is in the right section.

Anyways I recently built my first ever PC and was amazed when I got it up and running, I played Skyrim at max on it for the first 2 days or so and the PC was silent, every fan was very quiet etc even the CPU fan was quiet.

However the past 3 days or so the noise from the fans is on the rise and I'm kinda disappointed. It's not the case fans as I've checked them and it's not the GPU fan as that makes next to no noise at all.

Unfortunately it seems to be the CPU fan getting louder even when idling, however for the first 2 days while playing skyrim under load the CPU was silent?

I've tryed turning turbo mode off in the Asus bios etc but nothing works. I just want my PC to be like it was for the first to days it was silent haha.

Note : I do use the stock intel heatsink but even so why would it get louder? any help greatly appreciated cheers :)
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  1. A louder CPU fan always means that the heat transfer between the CPU and the heatsink is not adequate for whatever the computer is doing. This could be due to an inadequate heatsink, poor seating between the CPU/heatsink, or both.

    There is one more possibility and that is that the CPU fan is failing, or the speed is not set right in the BIOS. Check the temps using RealTemp and then set the CPU fan speed logic in the BIOS.

    Good luck!
  2. I've checked the temps and they are normal and the CPU is set at regular clock speed etc in the bios, it just seems to be spinning more/ getting louder :(
  3. Welshy118 said:
    I've checked the temps and they are normal and the CPU is set at regular clock speed etc in the bios, it just seems to be spinning more/ getting louder :(

    Yes, the temps are normal because the fan is spinning faster. This means that the heat transfer is inadequate. The solution is to get a better heatsink, re-seat the CPU/heatsink, and set the CPU fan login in the BIOS.
  4. Cheers mate will look into getting a new heatsink
  5. Since you are into gaming, get one of the better rated heatsinks suitable for your CPU and motherboard (mounting hardware).

    And for thermal compound I recommend Arctic Silver 5 or better. Follow industry established procedures when using the thermal compound.

    Good luck!
  6. I've gone for The Arctic Cooling 7 Pro Rev 2 , It was affordable and had pre-applied thermal paste, hopefully it should provide satisfactory results! :bounce:

    The Arctic Cooling 7 Pro Rev 2 is a 45 CFM fan. Try it out. Generally I like to see something in the range of 60 CFM.
  8. The fan was delivered today and I just installed it, it can keep the CPU cooler at lower temps but is still a little loud any advice?:)
  9. See my suggestion in my previous post. I like to see the CFMs in the 60 range; your fan is 45 CFM. That means that it has to run faster in order to move sufficient air to cool the heatsink.

    Larger capacity fans run at lower RPMs thereby reducing the noise. I have a CM Hyper 212 EVO heatsink ($30) and the fan is quiet; barely hear it even with the case side open. (see the CFMs)
  10. Thanks for a fast reply again haha, It'll be a couple month before I can afford a new one seeing as though everything I buy is taken from my pocket money haha.

    But anyway I'm going for a higher quality fan this time would a 'be quiet! Dark Rock Advanced' be sufficient enough?
  11. The air flow is 50 CFM which is better than your existing fan, but I find the price too high. Are prices this high in the UK?

    This is what I have:

    Please note the price and the air flow of this heatsink. Very quiet fan and does a good job with cooling. My current CPU temp is around 40 degs. C at an overclocked setting of 4.5 GHz (i7 3770K)
  12. Yeah the prices are sadly quite high :c I understand I need to keep my CPU cool, but I'm also going for very quiet fans, so I'll give your current heatsink a check out cheers!

  13. However I do have to heavily consider the size of the cooler as the problem I'm close to facing at the minute is the cooler pushing the RAM

  14. I had the same issue and I solved it by grinding (discing) off 2 mms of material from the bottom of the fan casing (shroud). I know exactly what you are facing.
  15. Ah I see, it may come to that with a new cooler then haha.
  16. Yes, it is not a big deal to grind off 2mm from the lower portion of the fan. You will need a vise to lightly clamp the fan to hold it firmly during the disc grinding.
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