Unable to hear games when using graphics card

Hi i recently built my own computer for gaming and after i installed my graphics card i cannot listen to any games i am playing. I am able to listen to music and i can hear windows sounds. Here is my spec

Asrock Z77 pro4 motherboard
Intel i5 3570k CPU
Evea GTX 550ti Graphics card
750watt PS
4GB of ram
1TB hard drive.

I dont know if it matters but i play on a 26in HDTV and i use X12 Turtle Beaches.

All help is appreciated.
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    Check your Control Panel/Sound settings and make sure your desired default playback device is selected.
  2. I checked my sound settings and the correct device is selected but it did not help. Is their any other reason?
  3. what is the output device labeled?
  4. I think i figured it out. thanks for the help!
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