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Jump start psu


I need to jump start my psu, but not by connecting green and black wire, becuase i suspect that the 24pin connector and it's wires are faulty. So can i trace back green and black wires from the 24 pin connector all the way to the psu board and jump start them from there?

Thnx in advance for your help.
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  1. Please, don't even think about it...

    Don't plug in a PSU you've taken to pieces, and DEFINITELY don't poke around at it with paperclip, screwdriver or anything.
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    Yea..a new psu is cheaper than a trip to the ER.
  3. Hi;

    Thanx all for your replies.

    I am not going to do anything with it, it is already at electronics repair shop. Just a thought I could give to the repair guy, as he told me that the psu board, capacitors, and soldering points are all good, and it is a waste not to be fixed. He can't figure out why it is not starting, and i suspect it is the 24 pin with the wires were the problem lays.

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