I5 Overclock

I was wondering, is it possible and how much would I be able to overclock my CPU?

I have an i5 3550 3.3Gh (Stock cooler(sucks))
An Asrock H77m motherboard

Can I overclock it a little?

I am a total noob at this stuff so could someone explain it carefully?
How much Voltage can i add and how many Hertz can I get it to?
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  1. You require a Z77 and a K-series*(3570K) to overclock effectively.
    Only Z77 can increase voltage and multiplier.

    You can OC the non-K slightly by increasing the BCLK, but its rarely stable and usually damaging and NOT RECOMMENDED at all. Besides the gains you would get by doing this is minimal.

    My suggestion : Leave it at stock.
  2. Ditto. You can't (much) overclock that cpu.
  3. im pretty sure you can overclock non-k processors, just not nearly as much
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