PC died after new CPU cooler

Sorry if I'm placing this thread wrong.

When I tried to install my new CPU cooler I made a mistake and scratched my MOBO. Now no USB input work and no picture is showing on my screen.

I'm devastated, I used all my money on this gaming desktop and now I'm left in the dirt. I can't get the money back from my gaming desktop, because it was me that made the damage.

How in the world am I to solve this problem?

Lostgamer_03 is no more, it's now sadgamer_03. :cry:

Thanks in advance. :(
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  1. Sounds like a new/used motherboard is about your only option. If you "scratched" it enough to stop working then you must have really gouged it good.

    Check the classifieds on here and see if you can find a board that will work for you.
  2. New motherboard. :(

    If you're getting no post at all you've screwed your motherboard have you scratched circuitry ?
  3. have you tried booting before or did you just get it and install cooler straight away, i mean is this a completely new build? or just adding new cooler at the time,

    nevermind after re-reading i assume you bought the whole thing together new mobo is the only way to go i'm afraid, again unless of course you never turned it on before this, meaning it was/maybe dead on arrival
  4. I've had it for about a month, I was annoyed by the heat and the noise of the Intel stock cooler, so I decided water cooling would be the way. I'm a bit clumsy due to the fact that I've been born with out motor function. But my love and interest in hardware and my optimistic nature made me take the challenge.

    I know you all must be thinking, "What an idiot". And I can only agree.

    Is there no way to save the current MOBO? I can't change it myself, no motor function = another broken MOBO.
  5. I'm thinking how unfortunate, is there a local PC shop in your area that can verify the motherboard is the problem? Are you sure everything is properly connected especially the power cables to the motherboard? Can you list the specs of your system, so we can see what your working with.
  6. i would call the mb vendor and tell them of your accident and issue. you may want to talk to a level 2 or 3 customer support rep.
    most times they can and will for a one time good faith replace parts. I seen apple replace a cd-rom drive that kids had jammed a peanut butter and fluff sandwich into it. I would also see if there a local shop that will do the work for you pro bono. try contacting you town local agents see if they know of any people that can help.
  7. Thanks for the quick replies.

    I'm living in a very small town and I actually had to ship the PC from another country. So there doesn't really exists any PC shop close to me. I've ensured that every cable was in the right spot. Everything was on. Still my mouse and keyboard didn't turn on and the screen didn't show any picture.

    I can only call and pray I guess. :(
  8. I don't think simply scraping a heatsink against a motherboard would do anything anyway unless you cut a circuit or knocked something off. Most of the vital parts should be protected against such likely common occurrences.

    Call the manufacturer and tell them you installed a new HSF and your motherboard will no longer post. They may have some suggestions. It's possible you had a faulty board and it just went out right when you installed the new HSF.
  9. If you're really desperate RMA and say you tried to boot one day and it just wouldn't post.
  10. if you can find a tech friend in town..try pulling the mb from the case to rule out the new heat sink or mb is shorting out to the case.
  11. Losty, I'd take Smo's suggestion. good thing to rule out a shorting mobo first.

    good luck
  12. Thanks for all your replies it really means a lot to me! I found out the backplate was too tight, it made the MOBO act strange somehow. Now the new CPU cooler is installed, not very good though, but at least it works now! Thanks again!
  13. Happy for you man :)...great to hear this...enjoy your build
    see you around :)
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