System locks up durring gaming

My system locks up while playing games. Eve online when opening the map was a sure fire hard lock but then ATI released some driver updates. after this the system stopped locking up when opening the map however it still locks up every 18 hours or so. It locks up during WoW, Eve, black mesa. It has never locked up while not running a game. here are my specs and what i have done so far. swapping my 7970 with my 5870 allowed me to play for days with out issue and i thought it was just an issue with eve online and my 7970 but now i am not so sure.

I7 860@4.6 (all OC is off during my testing)
MSI big bang trinergy
16GB Gskil 1600
3 80GB intel X25 SSD's in raid-0
9 2TB WD greens in raid-10
Radeon 7970
1KW roswill PSU
single loop LCS on CPU with 3X180mm rad
5 monitors 19-22" and a single 46" monitor (4 HDMI, 2 VGA)
acrea raid controller 24 port
windows 7

currently passed:
48 hour prime
25 hour mem86
25 hour furmark torture test
10 hour system stress test on eurosoft qa-win32

I have not yet re-installed the OS.

when the system locks it has an audio tone, not a loop but rather a solid tone or perhaps a loop that is so short it sounds like a solid tone. no video artifacts occur when this lock happens.

any other tests or ideas?
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  1. i just re-installed my OS last night and i have not had a hard lock yet after a days use. i ran a repeated MKV movie with 2 copies of eve online, black mesa, and crysis 2 simultaneously for 21 hours now with out incident.

    im assuming now it was some kind of software conflict. perhaps due to me switching from a 5870 to a 7970 with out formatting? i cant think of what else i may have changed to effect this...
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