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Recently I upgraded to MSI Gtx 570 Twin Frozr II. At first it worked great then about a week ago it started locking up and crashing my computer where the only thing I could do is turn it off. The screen would go black and a would make a horrible sound like the audio was stuck and repeating itself over and over. It only happened about 20-30 min. into games. Since then it has stopped crashing but now I am getting really bad FPS, like in 4-6 range. Only thing I have added since I added my new GPU was another HDD.

Gtx 570
Coolermaster silent pro 600w
Blu Ray Drive
2 - 2 tb 5900 HDD's
2 - 2 tb 7200 HDD's
1 SSD 60GB
Xonar DX sound card
8 GB of 1600 RAM - G skill Sniper
5 120mm slip stream case fans
Noctua CPU cooler
fan controller
Fractal R3 case

I am almost positve I don't have enough juice to run it all. However, before I spend money on a new PSU. Has anybody else had a similar issue with this Video card? I have unplugged the new HDD but it still crashed.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. 600watts should be plenty for one 570....what cpu do you have and are you overclocking it? check the temps on the card and make sure its not over heating blow out the dust too

    try uninstalling your drivers and reinstalling the latest ones to see if that helps
  2. The CoolerMaster PSU is a known bad unit. It can NOT deliver the rated power stated on the ID tag. You will end up with destroyed components. Replace PSU with a GOOD one.
    Look at for test results on power supply units.
  3. yeah crappermaster psu needs to be replaced end of story
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    I would try running it with the bare minimum, take out the sound card, take out all the drives but the boot drive, run with just the bare essentials and the graphics card and see if it behaves normally. If it does, add back one component at a time until you start having problems. To rule out power problems, then go back to the bare minimum, make sure it is still ok, then add back the component that seemed to cause the problem to start. If it is still ok, replace the power supply. If it's not ok, replace whatever that component is.
  5. man I have built many pc's with cooler master psu's not once have i encountered an issue with them...weird never heard of this before either....guess there is a reason why they are priced so low for the wattage hahah
  6. CPU is a 970 BE with a Gigabyte FX UD3 mobo. No OC everything is stock. I have checked all the temps and voltages. The temps never go above 33/53 C idle/load and the voltages seem to be stable. My comptuer was running stable before the black screen of death started happening with the new GPU. I will take out the compenents one by one next and test it with the bare essentials. Everything I read the Coolermaster Silentpro was rated pretty good. I haven't had an issue until now. I guess the consensus on here are they are pretty bad?
  7. what was the card you had before the 570?
  8. drums101 said:
    what was the card you had before the 570?

    A Gigabyte Gtx 550 TI OC which I put in another machine.
  9. ahh there anyway you could put the 570 in the other machine and test to see if it works well in there? that way you could rule out the card as being the issue and then the signs point towards the psu
  10. Problem solved I think. Last night I stripped down my entire computer and rewired it all. Reset my GPU in my case and removed everything else that could suck power. The framerates are back up to 60+ fps. I will add my HDD's back one at a time slowly. But it all seems to be working great now. Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions.
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