NVidia GT650M frame limit when driver installed


a friend of mine has a very strange problem with his notebook GPU (GT 650M).

he says when he's playing cod2 / cod4 that he has seen comming better performance from his gpu when no nVidia software is installed on his notebook. He had like 600 - 800 fps when he looks to the sky, but when any tried nvidia software is installed he get insane fps drop insanely low compared with no driver (200 fps or maybe max 400 sometimes).

He tried everything and the driver never fails to install any driver from any site including: nvidia.com / his own notebook drivers / laptopvideo2go.com, tried a few drivers there and YES they install! but no luck with more fps..

I was looking if there was something with energy savings, we configured the power-management in windows and in the nvidia control panel but there also no luck. After reboot..

After that i was looking for adaptive v-sync. It was set on adaptive wich means when fps is under 60 then v-sync is disabled and over 60 fps it's enabled. He settled it at disabled.

I really don't know what the driver limits to the card.. Can someone point out what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Umm why would you worry about that? It's not like your monitor can display that amount of FPS anyway.

    Anyway, try checking GPU usage and clocks during gameplay. You can use MSI afterburner for that.
  2. It means to me the GPU has alot of limited capable performance. Even if he wants to play some newer games then cod2 / cod4. Even on cod4 he wants to have a steady 250 fps anyway wich he don't get while he knows that the hardware is powerful enough without the driver to make that possible.

    It is an hassle for him. Anyone have an suggestion?
  3. I did give you a suggestion? Did you try that?
  4. Sorry for non-reply on that. He tried that and he has noticed that the memory controller has incredibly low usage like 50 - 60 mb he had read from MSI AB. The clocks on the card stays on normal stock clockspeeds while he get 5/10 of performance.

    And by the way. On the nvidia website are only beta drivers 304.79 / 304.48 availible for download.
    Is there any information availible about official WHQL certified drivers comming for this card?
  5. And what's the GPU usage?
  6. minimum 98 percent usage.
  7. And clocks?
  8. Excuses for my late responses. He runs the stock clocks on both core / mem / shader as far as i know, up to 900 mhz on core according to nvidia specifications. It is the 1GB GDDR5 version.


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