PC won't boot. Built with mostly new parts

I just built a computer for my parents and when I turn it on I have power to the fans, but nothing comes up on screen. I don't get any beeps an I have removed the RAM and reset the BIOS. The power supply is from another computer, but it was working fine last time i used it roughly 5 months ago.

I have gone through all of the steps listed here


but nothing works.

Here's their specs:

Mobo:FOXCONN n15235
CPU: PENTIUM D SL9QB 945 3.40 GHz 800MHz 4MB LGA775 (New from E-bay)
RAM: 2X1GB PC2-6400 800MHz DDR2 (Also new from E-bay)
GPU: onboard
HDD: 100 GB total (60GB Master & 40GB Slave. Both were hardrives used in previous computers and are running XP home)

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. did you plug in the 4 pin atx power plug?? next to the cpu...if you did try pulling the mb out of the case to see if the mb is shorted to the case. if the mb is used check to see that the cmos jumper is in the right spot on the mb.
  2. Yes the 4-pin is plugged in, the Mobo is okay and the cmos jumper is in the right spot.
  3. if you pull the ram and get no beeps...it could be power or a bad mb if the mb not shorted.
  4. If the mb is bad would I still get power to fans and harddrives?
  5. those are run by the power supply itself. as long as the power supply turns on...the hard drives and fans are going to start. myself i would try a new ps first if a friend had one.
  6. All right I tried 2 different power supplies and still no luck. So I guess it's the mb?
  7. do you have another cpu to see if it the mb or cpu..some mb may need bios update to work...just want rule out the mb is bad..no post.
  8. Tried another cpu and no luck.
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