Would this CPU be decent for gaming?

Hello, I am planning to get a Intel i5 3350P for my budget gaming build, and I am wondering if it will do its job well for games. Also, I'm pairing it up with a 7870, if I wanted to upgrade later, would it bottleneck anything?
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  1. The I5 3550P will be absolutely fine. It's one of the best gaming CPUs and there's no way it could possibly bottleneck that graphics card. Even if you ran 2 7870's in crossfire, they would be the bottleneck, not the I5.
  2. Personally, I'd go for the 3470/3450 over the 3350P as the entry level i5. It's got the same clockspeed as the 3450 but a worse turbo mode. Depending on where you live, they are usually priced similarly.
    No modern i5 is likely to cause any kind of bottleneck anyway.
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