Was about to get a 7970 but read about driver issues is Nvidia better?

I was set on getting an Ati 7970 Ghz Edition but read about AMD being known for driver issues. Is this an issue with this model? If so what would be a better Nvidia alternative?

If the 7970 isn't an option I'd like a card that will run at least a 3+1 monitor configuration while gaming and will work with my pc specs. I want a card that will run games such as Skyrim across multiple monitors that will work with current pc setup. If drivers are an issue with AMD, which is best for multi monitor gaming a gtx 680 2gb/4gb or a different Nvidia card? I'm also concerned about vram with multiple monitors and am looking to spend no more than $700.

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  1. As an owner of a 7970 never seen any of these driver issues most people go on and on about
  2. I not seen anything about amd drivers..i do know that they do have issues with some games. so does nvidia at times.
    the 660/660ti that be out in the 250.00 price point was going to be the 7800/7900 killer.
    google 660ti reviews in goole you get tweek town review of a test card they got this week. how it stacked up to amd line of cards. as the cards are not out yet will have to see how many monitors the cards will run. when more info on them come out in a two weeks.
  3. I read about driver issues

    for both companies

    I read about people claiming driver issues

    for both companies

    Currently there are no driver issues for the mass population. The only reason you still read about "AMD driver issues" is because fanboys would claim driver issues without even owning the cards or seeing the issues for themselves which went on for a very long time after the so called driver issues were non existant.

    Yes there is still the chance of having driver issues with either company, thats why they let you install more than 1 driver :)

    Driver quality wise, I think AMD has more abundant features while Nvidia has a more stable enviorment. Which gets flopped around almost every new driver released.
  4. Thanks for the help, sorry for being misinformed due to taking fanboy information at face value. I have a better piece of mind with my purchase now. I also just joined this site today and am happy I did, there is a great community here.
  5. The 7970 driver issues have been fixed that was a long time ago and both company have driver issues sometimes but they fix them in a matter of no time.
  6. I had no issues with me 5750, and that was the last card I heard anything serious about driver problems. (GSoD.) There are problems with games here and there, but give AMD a month or three and all is well.
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